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Next Program Date TBA
$888 USD for new Goddesses / $666 USD for returning Goddesses
**Limited to 12 Goddesses**

What To Expect:

  • Intimate, safe and loving container for deep transformational work and healing. Each series is limited to 12 Goddesses, and we cater to the unique needs of the Womxn in each series, so no 2 rounds are alike.

  • Twelve 2 hour live intimate Zoom sessions:

    • These sessions will be recorded and made available to you for the duration of the series just in case you miss a session or desire to experience it again.

    • If we run multiple groups at the same time, you may also experience 1-2 live sessions with the other cohort if for whatever reason you have to miss a live call with your designated group.

  • Eleven 1 hour live Playwork Zoom sessions, to co-play with your Sister Goddesses. The weekly “playwork” is designed to help you deepen the experiences from the live sessions. 


  • Each week we will engage in delicious conversations and divine embodiment exercises and somatic experiences loosely related to each chapter of “Pussy A Reclamation” by Regena Thomshauer. Even if you never read a single page of the book, you will receive all of the benefits of the series. 

  • A private Facebook group created just for you! This is an epic community, where you get to connect with the other Womxn who are doing the course with you. It is truly a transformational and powerful support network and a special place for deep sharing and expression or simply observing - whatever feels most desirable to you. In this group we will also be sharing supplementary information and invitations to help you get the most out of out time together.

  • Personal in-between support by Amanda & Julia. Q&A opportunities with us throughout the week.  As we said, this is an INTIMATE experience and we are here for you every juicy step of the way.

  • Everything in this program is an invitation and we celebrate you however you show up.  We encourage you to use this program as a practice of feeling into your Pussy’s desires … does she desire to be on screen? … does she desire to wear lingerie or a onesie to class? … does she need to lay down during the session? … does she want to eat chocolate and drink kombucha during class? … does she want to skip class and take a nap? … alllllllll of you welcomed and celebrated exactly as you are.


We cover a wide variety of Pussy related topics and practice a multitude of Pussy related exercises.  Each round we promise lots of Pussy education, exploration, embodiment and transformation.  Here is a list of topics we usually cover, but by no means is this a complete list:

  • Pussy History
  • Pussy Anatomy
  • Self-Pleasure
  • Self-love & Radical Self-Care
  • Orgasm, Climax, Squirting, and other forms of Sexual and Sensual Pleasure
  • Releasing shame
  • Radiant Relationships
  • How to live a pleasure-filled and Pussy-led life 
  • Embodying your Inner Goddess

  • Using Pussy, Pleasure & Sisterhood to heal any-and-every-thing

  • Emotional Range and Expression expansion

  • Compassionate Consensual Communication

  • The Patriarchal World Culture

  • Jealousy

  • How to have Radiant Relationships

  • Sexual Health

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Breath-work (Pussy Breathing)

  • Powerful Yes’s & No’s

  • Shameless Self-Expression

  • Pussy Manifestation

  • And much much more …

Ready to claim your spot? Fill out the Registration Form above.



Q: Is this a group masturbation course?

A: While lovingly stimulating the Pussy is one way to pleasure, reclaiming Pussy is sooooo much more! As fellow Sister Goddess, Dr. Christiane Northrup, puts it: “Reclaiming Pussy isn’t about having sex with a lot of people. Nor is it about sex [or masturbation] at all. Though it can be. Reclaiming Pussy is about reclaiming the erotic power that is your Source as a woman. It’s about brining heaven down to earth – in the most sacred part of your body and your life.”


Q: Will I have to get naked?

A: Everything we offer is an invitation that can be accepted or declined.  ZERO nudity is required to get every juicy drop out of this series.


Q: How is this different from a typical book club?

A: We will be taking you far beyond the “read, discuss and share” model of a typical book club.  Each week is designed to have you be fully immersed in the practices both offered in the book and created by us.  The content in the book sets the stage for the Sacred Space of Sisterhood you will experience with your mind, body and soul, a place of healing and magic. 


Q: When & where are the weekly sessions?

A: We will meet every week via Zoom. Please be sure to sign up for a Zoom account. 


Q: How can I prepare for the sessions?

A: Read the assigned chapter for the week. Give yourself enough time before and after the session to ground and integrate. Find a private space where you will be undisturbed. Nourish your body - have yummy snacks & water on hand. Have a journal & pen handy. Wear whatever outfit makes you feel most luxurious and in your Goddess essence. 


Q: Can I invite other Womxn?

A:  Yes! please feel free to spread the word about the upcoming info session by inviting the Sister Goddesses (and Sister Goddesses-in-training) in your life. Your heart will know who to invite AND don't forget the power of planting a seed; even though, someone you invite may not attend, her Pussy will feel the spark in just having received the invitation. Sisterhood is a flower that we need to keep watering (with Pussy juice of course!) until every Pussy on the planet is in full bloom!!

Do you have any feedback or testimonials from Womxn who have completed a series?

Yes we do - we brag we have lots of them : )  Mid-series we send out survey's to our Goddesses to get feedback mid-program.  Just ask and we would be happy to share some of their experiences with you or even put you in touch with one of them : )


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Please fill out the registration form at the top of this page.

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