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Welcome Goddess

Together we create sacred space where the MEDICINE available in SISTERHOOD can emerge, helping us heal by reclaiming our PUSSIES, and reconnecting to our Goddess-given-right to a sovereign pleasure-filled life.


All Womxn*.

To us, Pussy Reclamation is not exclusively organ-centric, and is open to any and all individual interpretations and representations of Pussy.

As cic-gender white women, we (Julia & Amanda) will never-ever claim to be experts in the experience of Transgender Womxn or Womxn of Colour, or, that we won't mess up (we probably will).


However, we are committed to lifelong learning, and we are committed to holding space for all Womxn to feel Seen, Safe, Loved & Supported. 

* womxn: a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism), inclusive of trans and non-binary women.

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